Carla Guagliardi

at die raum

Wednesday, 18 February, 7 pm
              Oderberger 56

This Werktalk will be in English 

opera II
(or "Where is the time I have left in this space?")
ice, wood, cords
variable measures
die raum

Over recent years my artistic path has predominantly followed sculptural research. The researches focus on time and concomitant duration as decisive agents, elaborating and extending my ideas across a wide variety of materials. I experiment with both organic and/or industrially rendered materials, these include such materials as plastic, iron, glass, copper, steel, cotton, plants, and rubber among others. Similarly, the active-positive and entropic role of water plays a significant part in my art practice. The works render imminent (and, perhaps immanent) the action of time as it forms a mnemonic record on matter in space.

As is evident from the enclosed photographs of my work, there is a strong sense and presence of a visual poetic language that marks and metaphorically records the interactions between internal organic fluid forms. The incorporation of chance and the speculative is evoked by experiencing the abstract outcome that results from these direct experiments with the different materials.  Nonetheless, as is obvious, no artistic activity is completely free from the artist’s subjective intentions, and this remains the case regardless of the purely physical and material conditions whence my experiments begin. The assembling and related combining of materials intimate a series of suggestions that creates new properties as possibilities, while in an aesthetic sense I hope also creating poetic alchemical alloys of the mind. The experimental side is reflected upon and enlarged through physical and scientific properties of poetic analogy, such as balance, density, materiality and capillarity. My works in which the characteristics are physical and not virtual, neither directly symbolic or representational, but which just literally 'exist', remain nonetheless highly subjective and emotional assemblages.

My aim is to continue the project, extend its development, while at the same time perfect some of the aesthetic and visual questions that arise from my experimental works. In short to move ahead in the sense of working with space in its continuity and extension anxiety, but simultaneously always making use of the various material confrontations that emerge. Within this aesthetic frame the paradox of disruption and temporal suspension play their part, evoke a sense of moveable perception, while also confronting contemporary mankind's feelings as to the uncertain, unstable and fickle situation in which we live.

Carla Guagliardi
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