Johanna Jaeger

im PLATTENPALAST in der Ausstellung spatial narrative

Mittwoch, 19. November, 20.15 Uhr

Wolliner Straße 50, 10435 Berlin

C- Print auf Aluminium
66,5 x 84,5 cm 

I am an artist who uses photography.
My work is a constructed examination of the time I live, the spaces I inhabit and the objects, phenomena and places I encounter on the way.The way in which I construct my images longs to resist common expectations in meaning or function, such as specific uses for architectures or functions for utilitarian objects. Through oppositions, scale-shifts, comparisons or reversals of those commonly assigned purposes, I am seeking to provide images depicting new functions or meanings of the ordinary. With those banal materials outstepping their immediate functionality in photographed form, I am longing to challenge a viewer’s expectation. I also hope to reveal emotions connected to our understanding of production, the passage of time, the systematization of (life-)time and it’s subjective perceptions.

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